Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable

Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable

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Kenneth Noye

Vera Philips Griffiths an Irish born grandmother who has lived in Coventry for the last 40 years is going to confront infamous British underworld figure Kenneth Noye in prison to find out the truth about who stabbed her common law husband to death in 1994.

Colin Hickman was murdered at the front door of his home in 1994 and died in Vera’s arms at the scene of the crime. Vera is seeking to uncover the truth of what happened on that night, as she does not believe that her husbands business partner Timothy Caines who was convicted of the murder in 1995 is guilty.

The aftermath of that terrible day had massive repercussions for Vera and her family. Vera was herself an early suspect in the case, and the resulting police investigation resulted in her being sacked from her job as a teacher at a local school. Vera also had to rebuild her life after the suffering the trauma of Colin’s murder.

One of the main reasons for this is that Vera who was an eye witness to Colin’s murder saw a white man running away from the scene of the crime. Timothy Caines is black but he was still found guilty of the murder despite Vera’s testimony.

Vera told the Sunday World that she is not nervous about confronting convicted killer Kenneth Noye in prison. Speaking about her plans to speak to Noye Vera said that “all I want to do is find out the truth and get some closure on who killed Colin for me and my family.” Vera said that she is plans to visit Noyes in prison as soon as she gets confirmation on what prison he is being held in.

Vera is also planning on asking Kenneth Noye to sponsor her on a charity tour of Ireland. She said that she was asking Noye to do this in  “retribution for what he has done throughout his life.”

Vera still spends around five months of the year in Kilkenny City. Her mother and her brother still live in the city. Vera is spending more time in Ireland as her mother who is now 90 years of age is very elderly.

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